Software, Set-Up & Management Training Course

Self Managed Training Course

This represents our best value service, and was designed it specifically for smaller associations (less than 75 units) with limited resources. Our objective here has been to provide these clients with all the knowledge and tools that has allowed us to be so successful in providing exceptional service to our other clients, in a distilled and cost effective package.

Our course is accessible via “Skool”, our online training and community management platform. The course is accessible via a very affordable monthly membership/subscription. In this course we share our systems, tools, knowledge, and resources, as well as mentor our students so that they can become the most successful version of themselves.


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Our course is broken down into 12 main modules, and is a comprehensive nuts to bolts course of everything you will ever need to be hugely successful at managing your own HOA. 

It even comes with instruction on how to acquire, set up, and use our management software for all aspects of the HOA management process.

We think there is a desperate need in the HOA Management space for small associations of 1-70 units, and because of their small size, it’s increasingly difficult to find good affordable property management. This is the solution we specifically designed for those folks. We also believe that at the course is absolutely packed with a tremendous amount of value at a very low price. 

The course curriculum includes training on the following topics:

  • Core Values
  • Organization & Workflow
  • Software Training
  • Governing Documents & Legal Structure
  • Proper Notice, Meetings & Elections
  • Psychology: Optimizing Interactions w/ Individuals & Dealing w/ Difficult People
  • Sociology: Optimizing Interactions w/ Groups & Navigating HOA Politics
  • Selecting & Managing Phenomenal Vendors
  • Contracts: Understanding & Writing Effective Contracts
  • Effective Negotiation Tactics
  • Navigating Legal Disputes
  • Reserve Studies: Coordination and Analyses of Reserve Studies
  • Best Practices for Book Keeping & Accounting
  • Budgets: Writing, Presenting, & Ratifying the Budget
  • HOA Specific Credentials
  • Recommended Reading List

After the course is complete

Finally, after the course is complete, this package includes 1 year of unlimited coaching, mentorship, and support. At the end of that year, the client has the option to purchase a continued support package for ongoing coaching and mentorship.

There are many benefits to being self managed, and generally a self managed board will have a better pulse on what is going on in their community. Still there may be times where they would like some outside help or guidance to most effectively serve their community. We recognize the need for better ways to support these smaller, self-managed associations, and have designed this solution specifically to assist them.