Drama Free Guarantee

Drama Free Guarantee

HOA’s can be full of drama, so here’s our promise not to be. 

We promise to deal with the drama so you don’t have to, that’s our job after all, and we are pretty great at it.

We will not cause or be part of the drama. We strive to be calm and level headed in difficult situations and give our clients a sense of security even during the most uncertain times.

If at any time you feel like we aren’t living up to your expectations, you can fire us, drama free. (see “we don’t take hostages”)

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We Take No Hostages

If at any time we don’t deliver on your expectations, we allow you the freedom to leave at any time or for any reason with no hard feelings. All of our contracts come with a 60-day termination “without cause” clause. This means any of our clients can terminate their contract with us, at any time, for any reason (or no reason at all), provided they give us 60 day written notice of their intent to do so. 

In fact we will even provide the last month of service for free as a “farewell and sorry it didn’t work out” gift. Additionally, if this occurs we commit to being as helpful and supportive as possible in getting you transitioned to another company of your choosing.

Also worth noting…. So far we’ve never had an association actually take us up on this and terminate our contract early